Client : Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Production : Spoon Inc. / KAIBUTSU

Renewed advertising campaign for Shiseido men's cosmetics "uno".
Total of 54 types of TV commercials were produced and even aired in "one night" on August 25, 2005.
Each TV commercial featured a Japanese comedian as the popularity of those comedians has been enormous in recent Japanese youth culture.
Total of 52 comedians were transformed from normal looking guys to sophisticated men by using Shiseido "uno".

The website provided a chance to review all 54 types from the first air date of the TV commercials, and it was flooded with web users who missed watching all types on TV.
In addition, fans of the featured comedians and Shiseido "uno" users could "vote" their favorite TV commercial in the website, and the ranking of the comedians was updated and shown by parameter in real-time. The fans had visited the website repeatedly to boost the ranking of their favorite comedian.

The website scored No.1 access number in Shiseido web history and it's monthly access was 10 times more than Shiseido's average.
Sales of the "uno" product was also pushed up three times more than estimated figure.


New hair coloring products were introduced as the 2nd stage of the advertising campaign.
This time, 18 types of TV commercials were aired "consecutively "in one night.

In the Round 2, a "battle situation" was set on the web site.
2 comedians were assigned to change their hair color with each of the new hair products and performed in a TV commercial.
The viewer could vote for better looking, or better performing, comedian and "NO.1" comedian was chosen in the end of this stage.

And ideas of "Commenting Vote" and " Trackbacking Vote" were adopted.
It was the system that each comedian himself (or his TV commercial itself) became a sort of "blog",and a visitor could score points by sending a comment or a trackback.

The "Trackbacking Vote" (scores 3 points) was especially influential because it meant that each visitor's blog had promoted our website.
While providing a great topic of conversation though TV commercials, the web site generated an enormous impact on the Ad campaign via grass-roots methods
like these trackbacking and commenting vote.

The website also used amusing device, such as treasure hunting or simple games, to keep attracting the users' attention.

Staff List
CD : Koji Yamamoto / Michihiko Yanai
AD : Yusuke Kitani / Kei Marubashi
Technical Director : Emperor Nakamura
Programmer : Emperor Nakamura / Fake Leather Koike
Writer : Hiroaki Murasawa
Producer : Hiroaki Murasawa / Yasushi Okuwa / Takehiko Okoshi
Brand Manager : Koichi Hanyu